One of the big lessons of the social distancing and working from home has been the resilience of the cloud infrastructure and the benefit it has provided to the “Business Continuity” of both business but also schools, medical clinics and other public infrastructure. We are writing this as our kids are taking classes/instructions via Google Classroom and Google Hangouts, Khan Academy and others. Some of our colleagues have experience receiving medical treatment via AmericanWell, Teladoc and others.

This is very familiar to Smarteeva. We are spread all around the world and most of our work: R&D, Quality Assurance and Implementations, is done remotely. This helps us to spread our resources and keep costs low for our customers. As a matter of fact, we just completed a fully remote implementation. This means we had zero in person meetings during both the sales process and during the implementation process. The client also had several work from home employees on the implementation team. Any client hesitation with our approach quickly went away as went live in 3 weeks without a single personal touch.

We love meeting in person, and in person meetings are useful and productive, but we are also proud of our choice of platform,, and our methodologies which have ensured our business continuity and the business continuity of our customers.

At Smarteeva we want everyone to be safe and keep a safe distance!

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