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Our advanced AI technology, combined with experience and expertise is changing the game for medical device companies.

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Smarteeva was founded in 2018 by a team of cloud software veterans with more than 100 years of collective experience in the medical device industry. Our headquarters are in Santa Barbara, CA.

From day one, our mission has been to simplify life for medical device companies. Leveraging our vast experience and expertise in the medical device industry, we developed an advanced complaint handling and adverse event reporting system powered by artificial intelligence. By streamlining post-market surveillance, our solutions have enabled our partners to improve their customer service and operational efficiency, leading to increased device utilization and revenue.

We’re proud of our growing reputation for excellence and our commitment to building long-term relationships with our partners. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business today.

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Born with a vision

Smarteeva is guided by a vision of a transformed healthcare ecosystem. We envision a future where advancements in medical device technology are seamlessly accompanied by robust patient safety measures. This future is driven by intelligent complaint management systems that empower medical device companies to prioritize their core mission: elevating patient well-being.

Driven by our mission

Smarteeva’s mission is to empower the medical device industry to prioritize patient safety through continuous innovation. We aim to dismantle the traditional, paper-based complaint management systems that hinder efficiency and create roadblocks for innovation. We achieve this mission by pioneering intelligent, AI-powered solutions. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology that automates tedious tasks, facilitates swift investigations, and surfaces valuable insights from complaint data.

Our growth story


Founding Smarteeva

Smarteeva was founded in Santa Barbara, California by a group of medical device industry veterans


Launching the Smarteeva Platform

Our flagship platform launched for the healthcare industry, and initial customers went live


Securing Seed Round Investment

We raised our seed round of funding to expand R&D efforts and accelerate product development


Launching with global medical device company

Smarteeva launched with its first global medical device company, focusing on complaint handling, adverse event reporting, and investigations


Achieving 300% increase in customer acquisition

Word of mouth from satisfied customers fueled a 300% increase in our customer acquisition and go-live rates


Expanding into enterprise-level customers

Our specialty in medical device complaint handling caught the attention of large players in the industry, leading to the adoption of the company's suite of products by enterprise-level customers.


Becoming one of the largest MDR submitters in the world

With a world-class complaint handling and adverse event reporting system, we propelled to become one of the world's largest single submitters of MDRs to the FDA Gateway

Meet our leader

Plarent Ymeri

Plarent Ymeri

Founder & CEO

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Anita Rollo

General Manager