Santa Barbara CA – Smarteeva announced the release of it’s Spring 2020 Post Market Surveillance Suite which will have additional state of the art enhancements to its Smart Complaint System, HHE management, MDR Management, and Recall Management. Some of these enhancements include, full OKTA integration for e-signatures, Zendesk Integration for Customer Service, Ad-hoc contact upload for Recall Management, Configuration Migration Enhancements, Decision Tree Enhancements and many others.

“We continue to invest heavily in our R&D, based primarily on our strategic direction but also customer feedback” said Smarteeva CEO Plarent Ymeri. This release, the biggest focus was to make large and difficult forms easy to complete, by utilizing guided entry and ability to copy previously entered information. We think this will cut down the data collection by up to 50%. Also, we wanted to make our deployment a lot faster so we invested a lot of effort in our smart migration capabilities. Now, most business rules can be migrated from 1 screen and in a very intuitive way.”

About Smarteeva:

Based out of Santa Barbara, CA. Smarteeva Software provides cutting edge and innovative Post Market Surveillance applications for the Medical Device industry. Smarteeva’s Complaint Handling, Adverse Event Reporting, Risk Management and Recall Management solutions prioritize compliance, organizational efficiencies and user friendliness. Built on the Platform and utilizing the latest innovations in AI and Machine Learning, Smarteeva Software provides a true partner to it’s business users.
Media Contact Anita Rollo **** (805) 419-3638