Smarter, Faster, Safer: Revolutionizing Complaint Handling with Smarteeva

Mastering the Maze: The medical device industry thrives on groundbreaking innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to improve patient care. However, ensuring the safety and efficacy of these devices necessitates a robust post-market surveillance system. A crucial component of this system is the effective management of complaints. Legacy systems with limited automation are hindering efficiency and compliance for many companies, posing a significant challenge within an evolving regulatory landscape.


The Burden of Manual Inefficiencies: Traditional complaint management often relies on manual data entry, paper-based documentation, and fragmented communication channels. This cumbersome approach leads to a cascade of problems: delays in investigations, potential errors in data collection, and difficulty in identifying trends or patterns that might signal safety concerns. Regulatory bodies like the FDA emphasize the importance of a comprehensive and timely complaints management system. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant financial penalties, product recalls, and reputational damage that can take years to rebuild.


The Imperative for Automation and AI Integration: The need for automation in medical device complaint management is well-recognized by the industry. A recent Frost & Sullivan study projects the global market for medical device complaint management solutions to reach a staggering $1.2 billion by 2025, highlighting the growing demand for automated solutions. This trend is further emphasized by a 2023 McKinsey survey, which revealed that a significant 82% of large medical device companies are actively exploring or implementing AI-powered solutions to automate their complaint management processes. These solutions leverage machine learning to not only expedite complaint categorization but also identify potential risks and even predict future occurrences.


Beyond Human Error: How Smarteeva Ensures Quality through Automation: Smarteeva offers a transformative approach to complaint management, moving beyond simple automation toward a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire process. With Smarteeva regulatory reports are auto-generated based on the Decision Tree Results. Take a brief look at how Smarteeva transforms the user experience: 

  1. Effortless Complaint Intake:  Smarteeva replaces outdated paper forms with a user-friendly online portal or mobile app. This allows healthcare professionals and patients to submit complaints directly, ensuring ease of access and convenience. The system also captures vital details during intake, minimizing the need for follow-up requests for clarification. 
  2. AI-powered Categorization:  Smarteeva’s AI engine analyzes incoming complaints to categorize them based on urgency, device type, and potential risk factors. This intelligent categorization expedites the investigation process by ensuring critical issues receive immediate attention. It also frees up valuable time for human personnel to focus on complex cases requiring in-depth analysis. 
  3. Intelligent Workflows and Streamlined Investigations:  The system automatically triggers appropriate workflows based on the AI-powered categorization. This assigns tasks to the relevant personnel – be it engineers, quality control specialists, or regulatory affairs teams – ensuring a streamlined investigation process. This reduces human error and fosters efficient resource allocation, allowing companies to investigate complaints faster and more effectively. 
  4. Machine Learning Insights Beyond Automation:  Smarteeva’s machine learning capabilities go beyond basic automation. It analyzes complaint data to identify trends and potential safety concerns that might otherwise be missed. This proactive approach allows companies to implement risk mitigation strategies before problems escalate, ultimately improving patient safety and device performance. 
  5. FDA Compliance Made Easy:  The Entire MDR form content comes from other sources (except 2-3 fields) and the user is caught in an unending loop of  re-entering the information that already exists. We break this cycle at Smarteeva with our AI-forward tools integrated within the systems. Smarteeva streamlines regulatory reporting by generating standardized reports that comply with FDA requirements. The system also facilitates communication with regulatory authorities if required. This ensures compliance with FDA regulations and minimizes the risk of legal or financial repercussions for non-compliance. 


Smarteeva’s customers can complete an entire complaint record with just 2 simple clicks with our built-in automation and tools.

By automating manual tasks, leveraging AI-powered insights, and prioritizing user experience, Smarteeva empowers medical device companies to manage complaints efficiently, prioritize patient safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. This shift towards data-driven automation positions Smarteeva as an invaluable partner for medical device companies navigating the complexities of post-market surveillance in today’s dynamic regulatory environment.


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