Smarteeva announces the release of the Smarteeva Platform for the Medical Device Industry

Santa Barbara, CA – Jan 10, 2019 – Smarteeva, Inc announced the recent release of the Smarteeva Platform, a cloud based Artificially Intelligent  software that supports medical device companies ability to intelligently manage the full lifecycle of their devices. The platform enables tracking, servicing and troubleshooting activities from initial device manufacturing and installation through retirement.

The Smarteeva Platform currently supports the following initial applications: Smarteeva TI for Troubleshooting and Intake and Smarteeva SLA for SLA management. Smarteeva TI uses API driven Smart Decision Trees and Smart Data Collections which, when put together with AI enhanced analysis provide for faster, more detailed and better quality medical device troubleshooting, investigation, support and service. The Smarteeva Inc. product roadmap calls for further applications to be built on the Smarteeva platform to enhance support of Device Relationship Management requirements.

“Troubleshooting, investigations and intake are the forgotten areas of Medical Device Service and Support.  Very little innovation has come in these areas and even the new apps provide what is essentially a spreadsheet.” said Smarteeva CEO, Plarent Ymeri.  “Smarteeva TI changes all that.  It is a big leap in functionality so that better, more precise information is collected at intake and better troubleshooting and investigation is performed.”

Working directly with medical device companies to determine how to maximize efficiencies and leverage data intelligently has been the focus of this product.  The results include operating cost savings with better quality devices that ultimately improve customer service and support.  The Smarteeva solutions can be rapidly deployed due to a modern and easy to use product interface which increases user adoption while reducing training time.