Smarteeva announces the release of its Summer 2023 Post Market Surveillance Suite

Smarteeva, a premier post-market surveillance partner to global medical device companies, is excited to announce the release of its Summer 2023 Post Market Surveillance Suite. The new Post Market Surveillance suite elevates the existing Smart Complaint System with artificial intelligence, making user-friendly FDA MDR reporting, complaint handling, and Recall Management.

Plarent Ymeri, CEO of Smarteeva says “We are thrilled about our new functionality coming out this summer. Throughout the summer, we have found new solutions that make complaint handling automated and easy to process. We have invested heavily in our Similar Complaints functionality, which allows users to find similar issues from earlier on in their records. It copies all the details from similar complaints in a single click. Another piece of functionality is our Record template. This system automates repetitive complaints in a natural and easy-to-use manner.

MDREngine, an integrated AI-enabled platform, allows for smoother complaint handling and MDR reporting. MDREngine combines advanced AI with a smoother user-friendly interface to fulfil our customer’s needs. The Decision Tree, another feature, will be redesigned and unveiled by Spring 2024. Smarteeva is at the forefront of defining new-age post-market surveillance with these launches.

While our focus remains on R&D investment, these upcoming winter & spring releases shifted our focus towards making MDR records more relevant to the general public. Our emphasis continues to rest on making post-market surveillance AI-enabled and accessible to both corporate and public users.

About Smarteeva

Based out of Santa Barbara, CA. Smarteeva Software provides cutting-edge and innovative Post Market Surveillance applications for the Medical Device industry. Smarteeva’s Complaint Handling, Adverse Event Reporting, Risk Management and Recall Management solutions prioritize compliance, organizational efficiencies and user-friendliness. Built on the Platform utilizing the latest AI innovations and Machine Learning, Smarteeva Software provides a true partner to its business users.

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