Smarteeva announces the release of its enhanced configuration administration capabilities

A positive update for both new and existing Smarteeva customers is the enhancement to business rule configurations and of migration from the development environments to their production environments.

Smarteeva strives to allow individual companies with specific or unique products and services the freedom not only to customize their system according to their specific business model, but also to simplify their efforts in doing so. Our customers should not have to wait, worry or bundle their desired changes into a larger operation to save for later.

Instead, our software architects have upgraded such configurations capabilities as

  • locked fields by status
  • required fields by status
  • locked child records by status
  • audit trail

in order to accommodate fast and user-friendly changes that require no technical or coding knowledge. Now, single changes made to our customers’ systems will be seconds away, and an entire business rule configuration setup can be accomplished inside of one hour, boosting accuracy, confidence and productivity.

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