One of our customers just went live with Lightning in record time

One of our customers asked us to help them move to lightning. They had a number of custom VisualForce Pages and Components which needed to be upgraded. Here are the deliverables we gave them:

1. Using the Lightning Readiness Check, we gave them a list of items which needed to be upgraded
2. Functional Specifications needed very light edits because we were mostly changing the UI
3. Design Specifications needed very light edits as well. Even though we needed to change some of the APEX (underlying server side code), we kept most of it intact and we created brand new Lightning Web Components on Visual Studio Code
4. Existing OQ needed some edits because of the new UI but the functionality remained the same
5. Validation Execution and then Go-Live.

This all took place within the span of 2 weeks. Client went live just last Friday.

Really proud of our team!