Wearing tech in the healthcare industry is the next evolution GE has tapped into. Combining hardware and software abilities GE developed a revolutionary wireless monitoring solution, Portrait Mobile, a part of its FlexAcuity monitoring solutions. GE’s Portrait Mobile wireless and wearable monitoring solution has now received a green light from the FDA.

Portrait Mobile’s innovative measurement technology is a life-changing technology for both patients and clinicians. It is a portable, continuous patient monitoring solution that provides a personalized, real-time view of the condition of hospitalized patients by challenging the traditional spot check methods that occur usually after 4-6 hours. The wireless technology also eases patient mobility during recovery all while capturing uninterrupted flow of data and measurement.

The compact patient monitor and sensors are wireless, so Portrait Mobile supports patient mobility and follows the patient within the hospital while measuring pulse oximetry, pulse rate and respiratory rate. As the flow of data is uninterrupted and Portrait Mobile provides continuous trends and important alarms, clinicians can immediately detect sudden deterioration and take proactive action. Read the full press release.

Newer technologies facilitate possibilities for better process adherence, efficiency, and product safety in the Post-Market surveillance industry and increased data collection with tech wearables is gaining popularity.

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