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Smarteeva Platform

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Solutions that enable customer service excellence through smart knowledge base, monitoring, managing, and servicing of medical devices.

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Smarteeva Platform

Smarteeva’s platform takes traditional knowledge management to the next level with artificial intelligence, information collection and process tracking.

Smarteeva Troubleshooting & Intake (TI) Solution

Smarteeva’s Troubleshooting and Intake solution provides the next generation of knowledge management. It is knowledge management for the digital age. It provides medical device companies with the ability to troubleshoot, provide solutions, collect intake data, maintain vital device statistics and improve device management. With the help of built-in machine learning technology and automation, companies improve device troubleshooting and elevate all aspects of device data for the benefit of both the device manufacturer and their customers.

Smarteeva Recall Management (RM) Solution

Recalls are a reality for which our customers must be prepared. Smarteeva’s Recall Management solution delivers fast notice generation and approval, as well as intelligent follow up forms and process tracking to ensure complete feedback loop.


A fully connected smart cloud solution that leverages intake data at its source coupled with expert product knowledge. Allowing real-time information flow for improved business processes.


With our Smart Knowledge Management applications, corporations can track products for total device lifecycle visibility.


With the ability to pinpoint event demographics and leverage smart workflow algorithms companies are able to improve their product portfolio and overall customer service.

  • Key Features
  • Artificial Intelligence Ready
  • Smart Content Creation
  • Decision Tree and Article Creation
  • Configurable Content Workflows
  • Entry field verification
  • Smart Audit Trail
  • Error prevention
  • Decision tree
  • Intelligent data form collection
  • Part 11 Compliance
  • e-signature
  • Key Benefits
  • Centralized Knowledge Management
  • Reduce device downtimes
  • Access anywhere on any device
  • Tailored to your Product
  • Lower up-front implementation costs
  • Predictable IT spending
  • Eliminates costly upgrades & maintenance
  • Improves efficiency
  • Improves quality of customer device support
  • Relationships – Connect Better with
  • Real time – Collect and Send
    Information Faster
  • Mobile first – Field Ready
  • Improved processes – Higher Quality Data
    and Faster Throughput
  • Data Intake Efficiency – Reduces Device Downtimes

Smarteeva’s Smart Audit Trail goes beyond regulatory requirements. Enhancing automation and intelligence by aggregating changes for multiple related records.

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Smarteeva has a proven track record in developing intelligent cloud solutions for over a decade. We are now excited to take our brand of AI solutions to Device Relationship Management. Smarteeva Troubleshooting and Intake, an intelligent knowledge management solution and our Smart Recall Management are the first 2 offerings of our Device Management Suite. Our solutions are designed on our mobile first Smarteeva Platform which allows for fast knowledge and intake design as well as fast deployments. Our TI and Recall Management solutions allow for smart content and algorithm creation and intelligent process tracking and data collection.

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