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Complaints Management

Smarteeva Complaints Solution provides the next generation of complaints management by fully integrating risk management and customer self service. Utilizing embedded Machine Learning, the solution lets you collect all necessary and complete initial complaint data, followed by the ability to run automated risk assessments to help determine the level of risk associated with the complaint. Furthermore, leveraging machine learning capabilities, the solution guides the users through the right investigation and assessment path to ensure a complete feedback loop and compliance with regulatory authorities such as FDA, EU, PMDA, TGA etc.


Utilizing smart data collection techniques, Smarteeva allows for intake to happen from either the business side or from the customer portal side. Intake allows to use smart branching, image maps and more

Decision Trees

We believe that decision trees are extremely important in a Complaint Management system and Smarteeva has invested a lot of effort in making the most advanced decision trees in the industry


Complaint Investigations are crucial to both long term product quality and R&D. Smarteeva Investigations are able to guide the user through the process, utilize codes and run algorithms to predict root cause

Customer Portal

Customer Self Service is a must in most consumer technologies and it is becoming a must in most B2B settings. Smarteeva Portals allow for instant communication in a controlled and validated manner

Risk Management

Medical Device Companies invest in knowing what possible failure modes, risks and hazards are associated with their products. Smarteeva combines that with the failure data stream that comes from complaints

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not just a buzzword for Smarteeva. We actively utilize it to model and predict outcomes such as root causes, failure rates, complaint source, risks and other outcomes related to the complaint process

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