Spinal Implants are medical devices used by surgeons to treat deformity, stabilize and strengthen the spine and facilitate fusion. The global Spinal Implants market is estimated to reach USD 13.8 billion by 2025. This market is primarily driven by the advancements in spine surgery technologies, increasing incidence of Spinal disorders, the launch of advanced bone grafting products and more. 

This year’s approval by the FDA includes medical devices from startups like Premia Spine, and medical device companies such as Globus Medical, Biotronik NRO, and Abbott. 


Premia Spine, an Israeli Medical startup revamped Spinal treatments with TOPS and is termed superior to Fusion Surgery by the FDA. With Knee and hip replacements on the rise, Spine surgical options needed a breakthrough invention with lesser risks, no surgery and better results. The Tops Implant restores full movement by eliminating pain. 


Prospera Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Systems by Biotronik NRO is an implanted spinal cord stimulation system intended to treat long-term (chronic) pain in the trunk or limbs that are difficult to manage (intractable). It may help to treat chronic intractable pain in the trunk and/or limbs. The Prospera SCS includes a rechargeable, implanted pulse (signal) generator that is connected to one or two leads implanted through the skin (percutaneous), a clinician programmer and a patient programmer, and an external trial pulse generator.


The REFLECT Scoliosis Correction System is a non-fusion spinal device intended to treat idiopathic scoliosis, an abnormal curve of the spine that happens without a known cause, in children and adolescents whose bones have not fully matured. The REFLECT™ Scoliosis Correction System includes bone screws, staples, a cord, and locking caps.


Prodigy, Proclaim, and Proclaim XR Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Systems by Abbott is an implanted spinal cord stimulation system built with familiar technology, intended to treat long-term (chronic) pain in the trunk or limbs. One of the many advantages of the Proclaim Plus and Proclaim XR SCS Systems is that a patient can try them out to see how well it works for them before committing to an implanted system. 


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